Your Best Defense against Second Hand Smoke


Are you second-hand smoker?

Second-hand smokers are non-smokers who are often exposed to cigarette smoke from other people. A large percentage of non-smokers are exposed to cigarette or tobacco smoke in one way or another. Anywhere we go, there will be people around who have a lighter and a cigarette on their pockets and in their mouth. Studies show that the negative effects of smoke are greater to second-hand smokers than to real smokers. Why? Because unlike smokers, second-hand smokers do not expel the smoke after it has been inhaled. If you are one of those people who are often exposed to second-hand smoke, it will be a good practice for you to take enough dosage of Vitamin C daily. Recent research shows that a good dosage of Vitamin C can minimize and eventually ward off the damage which can be caused by smoke from cigarette and tobacco. Vitamin C acts as a protection against negative effects from smoke by counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals which, may be introduced in to the body through cigarette inhalation.

The discovery as regards the effect of Vitamin C to the body was explored and discovered by the researchers from the University of California. They performed a study involving 67 non-smokers who were regularly exposed to tobacco smoke at home. The subjects of the experiment were divided into three groups. The first of these groups were given 500 mg of vitamin C every day. The second group were given placebo, which is a drug with no active ingredients. Lastly, the third group received a combination of vitamins C, E, and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) which is an antioxidant.

Two months after, the researchers evaluated the level of F2-isoprostanes, a compound which is linked to damage caused by cigarette smoke, in the blood of the study participants. The result of the experiment was surprising. According to the lead researcher, Marion Dietrich, the blood sample showed a marked decline in the F2-isoprostanes level, 11 percent for those who took vitamin C and 13 percent for those who took vitamin C along with vitamin E and ALA.

Non-smokers now have a defense against smoke. But, we must always remember that, as against any disease, the best method is still prevention. Therefore, while there is now available a defense against the negative effects of smoking in the form of Vitamin C, we should still guard against smoke around us and try to minimize smoke inhalation by avoiding places where lots of people smoke.